Venepuncture and Cannulation Training


The links to the theoretical knowledge should be read and the workbook completed prior to attending the practical training session, which includes watching a video and practicing venepuncture and cannulation on a manikin arm. You are then encouraged to self-assess your performance on the subsequent ten cannulations on patients and encouraged to use the reflective log to help you learn from your experiences.


 Achieving Competence

Passing the assessments and completing the process does not mean that you are competent to perform the skill on all occasions. You must decide that for yourself. The GMC document on “Good Medical Practice” requires that you:


“Recognise and work within the limits of your professional competence”.


Competence to perform a skill in any situation is a matter for the individual practitioner to decide, and having decided whether to attempt the skill, the individual practitioner is accountable for the decision.

  • Cannulation Workbook: PDF
  • Cannulation Assessment: PDF 

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